Pooled Energy

Transforming your pool from green to clean – the lasting solution

November 1st, 2018

Camilla’s green pool was a ‘pea soup’ – until the Pooled Energy team, headed by Thomas, came to the rescue.

The Pooled Energy system was installed on Monday 29 October 2018 – when Camilla’s green pool looked like this (pictures from Thomas’ cell phone).

Green Pool before Pooled Energy transformed it to a clear pool



By Thursday 1 November 2018 the difference was clear.

Clear pool after Pooled Energy transformed it from a green pool

Camilla’s pool is now in a monitoring period – part of the Pooled Energy process, before a full handover session including instruction on the Pooled Energy app.

Why does a pool go green?

Most commonly when a homeowner’s busy life gets in the way of maintaining the pool chemistry – swimming activity hasn’t started for the season or there are existing pool equipment issues. When a customer contacts Pooled Energy, a pool inspection is done and then the Pooled Energy automation and Advanced Water Chemistry system is installed at the pool as a technology and sensor layer added to the homeowner’s existing equipment.  The pool is then managed by Pooled Energy via the Internet as part of an on-going service that saves up to 70 of the electricity use of the pool (which is often one-third of the whole household) more than half the usual chemicals and almost all of the work required to maintain a pool.

Great result in a short time frame for Camilla. Two things from here on – her pool will be clean and healthy 24/7 year round –  and the system is fully automatic – so all Camilla needs to do is clear the skimmer box of leaves.

“Pooled Energy are very efficient, I’m very happy with everything”, says Camilla.

Camilla J.
Burwood Sydney NSW