Pooled Energy

How It Works

As part of a service, Pooled Energy adds sensors and automation to your existing pool equipment. It uses smart devices at the pool and Intelligence in the Internet to manage and optimise the operation of the pool, reducing energy and chemical use. Here’s how…

Pool Automation

Pooled Energy’s sensor-based automation continually optimises Grid electricity, solar PV power and pool chemical use.

In about 1 hour, we convert your pool to Advanced Water Chemistry and install sensors and an Intelligent Pool Controller© (IPC) for your pool equipment. We also convert your filter pump to true-variable speed. For just $330 (plus monthly $67 Remote Monitoring & Automation fee), this gives you a full pool automation system, which would likely cost more than $5,000 for the nearest conventional equivalent. The IPC is only available as part of the service

The IPC communicates over the Internet with our Network Operations Centre which monitors the state of the electricity grid, the cost and price of power, the weather and the forecast. The pool’s operation is optimised for all of these, as well as for

time-of-day, time-of-year, swimming activity and water chemistry.

Compare this and the savings and quality with pools running on a simple timer!

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Smart Electricity Management

While individual pools and houses vary, pools typically use about one-third of the electricity of the entire household. Pooled Energy reduces this by up to 60%.

In addition and without any negative effects, pools in an area co-operate (invisibly) to reduce the load on the electricity grid at times of peak demand. With Australia’s 1.5M pools using as much peak power as half of Victoria, this helps lower all our electricity costs.

To assist the Grid in this manner, Pooled Energy is required by law to supply the electricity to the houses of its customers. Pooled Energy is a fully authorised retailer in the National Electricity market, supplying pool owners only. As part of the service Pooled Energy becomes your electricity retailer, supplying electricity at the Default Market Rate and offering substantial reductions in energy use and other savings.

The IPC can also optionally manage and optimise other household appliances, soon to include air-conditioning.

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Advanced Water Chemistry

AWC consist of a proprietary bromine enhancer for the pool’s chlorine, as well as a phosphate remover. The concentration of bromine, which is extensively used as a sanitiser in hot-tubs, is less than that found in sea-water. Working together with the sensors and automation system, AWC requires less than a shoe-box of inexpensive chemicals a year – plus the pool’s usual salt, mineral or liquid chlorine – whose use will now be substantially reduced.

Instead of the pool being forced to operate between the usual pH 7.2 and pH7.6 of conventional pools, AWC has a much larger operating sweet spot. This is not only more comfortable for swimming but eliminates the need for buffer, stabiliser, calcium lifter, algaecide and most importantly, pool acid in almost all pools. The water becomes essentially self-balancing, cleaner, better and healthier. You do not have or to do your own testing or pay a regular ‘pool guy.’ This saves considerable money and frees up your time!

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