Pools in General

Pools add to the value of your home

Australia has about 1.45 million household swimming pools and the world’s highest per capita rate of pool ownership. An overwhelming majority of homeowners believe pools add value to their property….

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Choosing a type of Swimming Pool

HOW DO YOU WANT TO USE THE POOL? It sounds simplistic, but you really do need to answer this carefully as it affects many aspects of your pool. Swimming Laps …

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Can you reduce noise in pool equipment?

Yes!  Most pools are much quieter following a Pooled Energy system implementation. Most existing filter pumps are single speed and operate continuously at full power, and are consequently noisy. Some…

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Commercial Pools

We do not currently market our service to commercial pools but may do so in future.  Please give us a call on 1300 364 703 if you would like to…

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What about my other pool needs?

Pooled Energy aims to be your Number one ‘Go-To’ for all aspects of your pool.  We can help you directly with supplying and installing the most common Pool Equipment components and…

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