Pool Operation

Quick Start Guide for a Pooled Energy Pool

QUICK START GUIDE The Operating Plan Your pool equipment will operate according to time-of-day, time-of-year, amount of swimming, water chemistry, electricity costs and prices, electricity grid conditions, weather, forecast and…

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Fix a Slow Pressure Cleaner

Please try this:- Power the cleaner off. Unplug the pressure hose from the wall.  It is a bayonet fitting that undoes anti-clockwise.  Try pushing it in gently as you rotate…

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What is Advanced Water Chemistry?

To understand Advanced Water Chemistry, you need to compare it with what is done in conventional pools. Conventional Pool Water Chemistry Conventional pool chemistry, as widely used in the Pool…

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Operating Wet and Infinity-Edge Pools

Energy Savings Typically, customers with these types of pool achieve good savings using Pooled Energy. Most customers with waterfalls or infinity edges use conventional, single-speed pumps running at full speed…

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What is pH?

pH is the acid/alkali balance in the water and is a logarithmic scale. pH 7 is neutral. pH 6 has 10 times more acid (literally hydrogen ions) in the water…

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