Pooled Energy


Why does my Pool App say X?

There are a variety of different status messages that can be displayed on the Pooled Energy’s Pool App to reflect the state of your equipment. Not Running Indicates that the…

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Pool App Quick Start Guide

The Pooled Energy QUICK START guide helps customers learn about the Pooled Energy Pool App for:- Controlling your pool equipment Putting the system in manual mode Tuning your sanitation level…

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Designing a New Pool

We see a great many pools and the number that are correctly designed for high-efficiency operation is less than 5%. Often there is little consideration for the future running costs…

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Energy Made Easy Electricity Offers

The Australian Government Energy Made Easy website is a government energy plan comparison website. By Clicking on one of the Pooled Energy Electricity Plans below, you will be taken the…

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Dead Animal in the Pool?

Please follow these steps to remove the dead animal from the pool and disinfect the water: Close the pool to swimmers (include signage). Wear plumber’s disposable gloves. Use a leaf…

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Quick Start Guide for a Pooled Energy Pool

QUICK START GUIDE The Operating Plan Your pool equipment will operate according to time-of-day, time-of-year, amount of swimming, water chemistry, electricity costs and prices, electricity grid conditions, weather, forecast and…

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