Pooled Energy

Advanced Water Chemistry AWC 2.0 now released

Unless you have been otherwise advised, your pool water chemistry already uses Pooled Energy’s proprietary Advanced Water Chemistry and is in the process of being upgraded to AWC 2.0.

AWC 2.0 is an exciting improvement on AWC, which was already a major improvement on the 70 year old conventional chlorine technology that preceded it. The difference in formulation is only slight, but it provides even better visual quality water, improved algae resistance and lower chlorine use. We think AWC is a major break-through and AWC 2.0, is even better

AWC operates with the Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC), which has new control algorithms for AWC 2.0.  Please note that AWC works with Pooled Energy’s remote pool management system only. Do not add AWC chemicals to a non-Pooled Energy pool.

AWC has many benefits which are described in more detail in the FAQs on the website, but, importantly, it removes the need to regularly add acid in most pools. The pool can operate at its natural pH, which is more comfortable for swimming and reduces, chlorine smells,irritation and sore eyes.

Pools operating conventional chlorine chemistry require a pH of 7.2-7.6 for effective sanitation. Maintaining pH in this range often requires frequent addition of acid. AWC maintains sanitizer effectiveness at much higher pH, so acid is normally not needed. (Note: Some very alkaline pool surfaces, particularly new pools, may require supplemental acid.)

Please do not use your old test-kits or strips with AWC as they may give misleading results. They are not designed for use with this chemistry. Please do not ask the Pool Shop for advice. Most pool technicians and pool shops will be unfamiliar with a high pH protocol and may offer inappropriate recommendations.  If you have any questions or concerns about your water chemistry please contact Pooled Energy.

For water chemistry status, please check the Pool App, which uses multiple, electronic sensors to continually monitor your water chemistry. We will advise you via your Pool App (or by SMS/Email) if the water quality is out-of-range or if any other issues are detected.

AWC typically requires the replenishment of its key chemicals typically once or twice a year, depending on the amount of rain and water loss.